• Listed authors must make substantial contribution to the study in terms of design, data analysis, data acquisition, paper framework or interpretation. Authors should be directly involved in drafting and revising the paper.
    • All authors must be accountable for all aspects of the paper.
    • Individuals involved in the study but have not made substantial contribution to the paper should be listed as contributor(s) or acknowledged individuals in the acknowledge section.
    • Ghost authors, guest authors or gift authors are unacceptable in this journal (please refer to ttps:// for explanation)
    • Authors should not have competing interest with the editorial board or the technical committee members of the journal
    • Authors must avoid plagiarism by giving credit, acknowledgment or obtaining permission from the original source. Authors should submit their original work to enhance the frontier of knowledge.
    • Once authors have submitted their manuscript to this journal, they should not simultaneously submit the same manuscript to other journals unless the manuscript has been rejected by this journal, and vice versa.
    • Authors must avoid fabrication or falsification of results, data used, or any other materials used in the research.
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